תמונת מוצר גדולה
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Missing Legs Chandelier


Old chair legs were raised to the ceiling and gained a new functionality and purpose as light fixtures. The correspondence between the wooden legs that have a curled look created from different perceptions of decorativeness on the one hand, and the two dimensional transparent effect of the glass material embedded upon it on the other, take away from the clean and familiar shapes of lampshades, and leave an obvious void. This is the essence of the dialogue between StudioKnob and Nagarya (Amir Raveh) – a dialogue between materials, between techniques and between people.


Height 120-200 cm / 40-80" (adjustable) Width 70 cm / 27.5" Depth 70 cm / 27.5"


Reclaimed furniture legs Colored acrylic glass Vintage incandescent light bulbs


All of the electrical components are UL compliant Personal customizing of height & legs is possible


One month after placing the order (top)


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