תמונת מוצר גדולה
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Layered: Black Gold


“There is nothing ugly, I never saw an ugly thing in my life, for let the shape of an object be as they may: light, shade and perspective will always make it beautiful.”
(John Constable)

This work, made by a technique of layered plexiglass and golden mirror cutouts combined with LED back illumination, juxtaposes a scene of serenity with a human made catastrophe. It is not to be noticed on a catch of a glimpse. Only when the backlight shines through the layers and is blocked by the golden mirror, which turns black against it, is the whole story revealed. Despite the decorative nature of this work, and despite the fact that a great part of it is based on oil products, we want it to shed a light on the incredible price that comes with what we call progress.


Height 55 cm / 20.5" Width 55 cm / 20.5" Depth (distance from the wall) 7 cm / 2.75"


Layers of white acrylic glass & golden mirror cutouts Chrome coated spacers Cool-white LED lights, 2.5 meter long cable, includes on\off switch


All of the electrical components are UL compliant Personal customizing of size, lighting shade and theme is possible - contact us


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