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Click Light


For a video of the product in action CLICK HERE.

“Click” is the sound of substance caressing substance and light that flows between them. Click is an invitation from us to you to touch, change, INTERACT.

When designing light fixtures, one of our favorite challenges is redefining the light switch so that it becomes a part of the phase that the fixture suggests.

The base of the light fixture is constructed from two metal surfaces through which low voltage electricity is running and to which ropes of different lengths are attached. The ropes are intertwined with LED lights and magnetically connect to the metal surfaces with a “click”. The rope stretches, flows, drops, ties and twists between the metal surfaces in endless shapes and combinations and with each click a new phase appears.

The product was launched in Wanted Design Manhattan 2018, part of New York City’s annual celebration of design NYCxDESIGN and won the golden award of the A’ Dedign Awards competition, lighting products and lighting project category.



Each shelf unit: Height 14 cm / 5.5", Width 80 cm / 31", Depth 20 cm / 8" Ropes length 70, 100 & 135 cm / 27.5, 39 & 53"


Oak wood, Black steel, Nylon rope, LED light




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