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Sees & Soos Rocking Horse


The horse is a truly magical object in the world of furniture. With just a slight tilt, almost any object with a spine can transform into a galloping steed. From brooms and oars to guitars and lamps, any object that can be ridden like a horse with legs on either side can easily become one.

In the Sees & Soos series, unused pieces of furniture and objects were collected and transformed into nostalgic rocking horses. Each horse has its own unique character that reflects its past and origins. The simple pleasure of rocking back and forth brings even the most inanimate items to life. Both babies and adults can enjoy the soothing movement, which provides a sense of security and adventure at the same time.

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Hight 56 cm / 22" Width 73 cm / 28.7" Depth 28 cm / 11"


Reused materials


Due to the handmade and reclaimed nature of this item, some variance in shape & size are to be expected


Three weeks


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